Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Lions Leadership?

Here is another thing that bothered me about the Lions exhibition loss to the St. Louis Rams.
After the Game Coach Steve Mariucci addressed the team and told them how much work they had to do. He scolded and demanded they do better.
When he left the room players undressed, showered and went home. No veteran players stood up and addressed the team. No one said boo to assembled teammates.
That is problematic. Where was Dre'' Bly or Damien Woody?
Football is a sport of passion and emotion. It is a sport where leaders emerge and make demands of teammates.
No Lion player did. And that bothers me.
I question if there is a leader in that dressing room.
Even back up quarterback Jeff Garcia was surprised. He called out teammates to step up and lead.
They didn't. This is another sign to me that the Lions are just playing football. They are not playing with a purpose yet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had this same discussion with a friend yesterday--The Lions desperately need a Chris Spielman kind of leader in the locker room.

11:07 AM

Blogger said...

You mean Mr. Blue Skies didn't step up and crap down a few guy's throats?

It's so obvious that this team doesn't support the starting QB it would be laughable if it weren't sickening.

12:11 PM

Anonymous Brian said...


12:34 PM

Anonymous Z-Unit said...

I could care less if this team doesn't support Joey. He is a lost cause not so much for his ability, but for his image and this towns feelings about how quarterback is the ONLY position that causes us to lose. Scott Mitchel was never a very good quarterback, but even when they had good production from him the lions couldn't put much of anything together. They are just a bad organization all around. You can't have penalties, drops, mental mistakes, and just an all around lazy attitude and expect to be anything more than a team barely making the wild card.

No matter if a leader surfaces or not, the weak links of this organization will continue to pull them down.

2:24 PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The personality of a team comes from its head coach.

If your starting QB isn't on the same page as you, and you're the head coach, the situation has to change.

It doesn't appear as if Joey's on board with the program. Is Garcia? Don't know. But Joey is clearly showing himself to be a non long-term solution in Detroit.

9:35 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Instead of looking at the Lions' postgame silence as an indictment of Joey's leadership, maybe we should just see it as an indictment of Mariucci's.

While Mooch was criticizing the players, did he own up for kicking a field goal instead of going for a TD? Or for refusing to try and do something at the end of the half? No. Which is why the players probably don't think anything else would make a difference.

9:13 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

You are right. The starting quarterback does not get enough support. In a way it is a shame because they need each other. If they think Garcia is leading them to the promised land they are nuts.

5:32 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

How long have we been talking about Lions penalties? It is the same old story no matter who plays or who coaches.
I like you are tired of it. At least lose in a different way. Surprise me sometimes.

5:33 AM

Anonymous Chris said...

Maybe it's because our asshole of a coach refuses to side with a QB.

Maybe Mooch should quit worrying about his excuse (throwing Harrington under the bus when blame starts heading his way) and more about rallying a team around the kid.

And, perhaps Millen shouldn't have signed Raiola to an extention... the guy is WORTHLESS. Backus can't block anybody with speed. And, furthermore, Kelly Butler holds on the lone TD to negate it after two very good plays be Harrington to drive them to the five.

Here's the deal. If I were Ford, I'd bring Mariucci and Millen in and talk with them.

"Harrington has all 5 years of his contract, your fates are tied to his- NO EXCUSES."

Maybe for once we won't have a ridiculous clown of a coach play the quarterback card for his ineptitude. And, the fans here are so blinded by their hatred of a QB, they accept it.

Hipple, Long, Kramer, Peete, Ware, Batch, Mitchell, Krieg, McMahon, Harrington...

It's not all about grabbing the wrong guy. Perhaps it's time to go out of your way to making a guy succeed instead of using him as your ticket to keep your job, Mooch.

12:42 PM

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