Thursday, August 11, 2005

MLIVE.COM WEB LOG BEGINS MONDAY is coming to a close. I am not sure when, but this is being phased out.
That is the bad news. The good news is I am transferring my thoughts to other places. In the next few weeks a Sports Inferno website will replace it. My radio partner Mike Valenti is working on things and I will let you know when that is complete.
In other news I will begin a three-time a week web log on called the truth speaks. I will put the link on this web log and I hope you enjoy my thoughts there. Daily entries will be different most days, unless there is huge news. I do not want to short change either site.
My entries will be posted Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.
I also spoke to America On Line and the sports editor there is very interested in me beginning a column or web log there beginning in 2006. I will keep you updated on that.
I'd love to let a national audience know what is popping around Detroit before Super Bowl XL.


Blogger billionaire said...

Clerical Issue

Yesterday some caller tried to insuate that Mike was a bigot. Now I am from the south where it is up close and personal. Where as here it tends to be color coded. Mike is no where near a bigot.In Fact Mike is white chocholate italian. He plays ball and hangs out with folks of color with ease. Now I am glad Terry defended him. To further Gloss on Mike he has brought a show that is not a love fest like the other shows. He rips and praises the home team when deserved. Hell the Tigers are on his station and he rips them as any show worth it's salt should. I am happy that he is not from here so he is not infected like the fans and other shows here. He has saved Terry from the infection as well. I think most of bloggers here recognize Mike and Terry are the best in the local dare I say national market. WXYT time to drop Dan Patrick (I have seen the ratings yikes) and the BIg show ( I do like Drew Sharp ) make the Sports Inferno your markee show. As Rashizzle will say the Ratings don;t lie.

Terry You know us bloggers will support whatever you do. However how will mix content with MLive which by the way needs the help.

8:57 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I am glad you saw through the caller. If Mike were a bigot I would not have any rap for him -- just nice stuff and get the hell away from him.
It appears as if you are going to get your wish. There will be more sports inferno. Details are coming shortly.

9:47 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I am glad you saw through the caller. If Mike were a bigot I would not have any rap for him -- just nice stuff and get the hell away from him.
It appears as if you are going to get your wish. There will be more sports inferno. Details are coming shortly.

9:47 AM

Anonymous sportsfromA2 said...

Terry, Congrats on the new Gig(s?). Before I just knew you as the Detroit News writer, but since listening to you on the inferno and then reading your blog, you're more than just some guy in the newspaper- It's like you're a real person, one of us- not some slappy. I'm happy for you.

10:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there any way we can contact Mike? Does he have e-mail or anything?

10:18 AM

Anonymous mIKEY x. said...




10:46 AM

Blogger Ian C. said...

I'll really miss the "" plugs on the air.

But the MLive and Sports Inferno website news is great. The more T-Fos, the better.

11:21 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

The new website is going to be sweet. Mike and his guy have worked hard on it. I sort of feel bad. They are putting all the sweat in it. I want all the glory. Maybe I will buy Mike a nice T-shirt to thank him.

11:30 AM

Anonymous brad said...

i think its only fitting that there should be a to replace this one

i would love to hear mike's versions of terry's shameless plugs

11:33 AM

Anonymous sportsfroma2 said...

Terry, instead of getting him a t-shit, get Mike a Microwave- one of those little dorm-size ones are really cheap right now.

how does he eat popcorn????????

11:44 AM

Anonymous sportsfromA2 said...

I'm really sorry about that, of course I meant T-SHIRT

11:45 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

How does Mike eat his popcorn? He does not need it popped. He just eats the kernels. But a Microwave for him is a great idea.

12:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, my God, get that idiot a microwave.

1:31 PM

Anonymous Jeff Moss said...

I cannot wait until the Sports Inferno website debuts.

I will even give The Crown Prince of Ass Clownery a link on my website.

Now I can read Nipple Lickers stupidity without having to listen to the show.

Good luck in your match-up with Wojo.

And Terry, is the News letting you do this MLIVE blog?

They weren't exactly thrilled when you started writing for me.

2:30 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

One more thing. Just like Bill Mr I am Holier than though Oreilly is always peddling his stuff Sportsinferno should do the same. None of the other wack sports shows have a website for themselves.

Mike and Terry I am glad you pointed out How NFL owners always come out like roses even though they are rutheless and cutthroat. Big ups to the callers who also sided with TO on the contract side of it and now allow the person cloud it. But Mike and Terry here are the folks who deserves I would say 90 percent of the blame. The unqualified agent who signed TO to that deal. Gene Upshaw for signing off on the deal. THe NfL players for ratifying this deal. The Eagles for forgetting their past. TO get;s the other 10 percent for not doing his own research and trusting his agent.

2:36 PM

Blogger SportPsych Detroit said...

this is becoming confusing...when all the dust clears, please let those of us who can't call in to the show know how we can interact with you on a daily basis..this foum has been cool, and I look forward to the give and take on another site....especially if Mikey X. gets involved

2:51 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

I still contend that the Eagles have screwed up royally. This thing should have been taken care of behind closed doors.

T.O. is a cash cow. The Eagles are missing one hell of an opportunity to put the franchise on a national platform that can generate cash beyond ticket sales.

Egos on both sides have now screwed it up. I fault the Eagles for their attitude of, "this is how we do things here." Wake up you dumbasses, you have never had a Terrell Owens there before.

I fault T.O. for the shinanigans with McNabe earlier. It goes without saying that T.O. looks like the guy that doesn't care about anything but himself because of those actions...Not true. If that was the case, he would have been on the sidelines during the Superbowl. Not only is he the best receiver in the league, this guy is about winning.

2:54 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The guy is about winning???

The guy is an attention whore...he didn't play the Super Bowl to win, he played the Super Bowl to say "Look! I'm injured and I played!!" Which is exactly what he did for the press while his teammates lamented a tough loss.

TO sucks.


4:24 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I am one of you. Just because I write and do radio does not make me some sports God. I throw out my opinions like anybody else. I just get paid for it. I just talk with my own passion and zest for the games I love.

5:29 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I would love for you and Mike to make peace. I don't know how this spat started any way. I know you do not like his style. But a lot of people and he is going to be a huge success in radio.
So far the News is OK with MLive. You have to remember they made me stop when you were attacking EJ Mitchell and Rob Parker. He was the man in charge and that is why they made me stop. If begins attacking News people I am sure they will make me stop also.

5:32 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Gene Upshaw deserves a lot of blame for what happens to NFL players. But TO wanted to play and foolishly believed the Eagles would hook him up if he performed well. That is not the way this organization works. And Lets not let Rosenhous off the hook. He just wants to get paid and has TO jumping through hoops for him.

5:34 PM

Blogger billionaire said...

Terry I disagree on that one. I just saw the PTI (good show) interview with TO. Yes TO called out D Mcnabb whatelse is new but he mentioned something key which shows how ruthless the NFL is. They made him sign a waiver b4 the superbowl. Way to go Eagles. They must cut or trade him at this point. IF I am an NFL owner I would take him now, he has a lot to prove and he is pissed off. All you have do is pay him

5:45 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


T.O. sucks??? Damn if he sucks, I bet you can't find the words for 90% of the rest of the league that watched the Superbowl from home.

Yeah, the guy likes attention, so did Ali. The reality is, they back their words up when they go to work. But many didn't like Ali's brashness for a number of reasons????

If I'm T.O., and I am going to put my ass on the line so that Jeff Lurie can line his pockets, I do the same thing. Loyalty is like sh*^ in the NFL, perhaps Jeff Lurie is a money whore??? It seems to me before T.O. got to Philly, they were just another under achieving wannabe team in the NFL.

One thing is for certain, Lurie is one stupid ass business man. Perhaps the media should scrutinize T.O.'s asset value to this team. If they did that, Lurie would be seen as a cheap crook that doesn't deserve T.O..

But, it's too easy to go after T.O. rather than focus on the negative side of the NFL.

5:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phily was an underachieving wannabe team before TO??

Seems to me that they went to 3 CONSECUTIVE NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES before TO. Using your own logic...there are 15 other teams in the Conference that can't say that.

Saying TO sucks is a reference to his attitude and his inability to get along with ANYONE wearing the same colors as him. He's not a lightning rod. He's the lightning. And that's not a compliment.

I understand the guy has phenomenal ability. I love him as a WR, but as a peron and as a teammate...HE SUCKS.


8:23 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


My point exactly. They couldn't get over the hump until T.O. arrived even though they were projected to do so.

Don't know if you saw the half time interview, but T.O. took the words right out of my mouth. Farve talks about his job not being a mentor to a young quarterback and the knuckleheads in the both gloss it over and continue to polish his head. He throws Javon Walker under the bus and this guy is a hero.

Terrell tell his teammates to show up and he leads by example. Call him lightening if you will but, I think several of his teammates needed to be called out.

My point is this, it's easy to take the team/owners side with regard to fairness. But to me fair would be p1aying the guy his market value and that could have been done quietly and they would be talking about a Superbowl run now, not all this other BS. I don't solely fault T.O. like most people. I see this as a bad...totally bad business decision and a lack of loyalty to a guy that went beyond to help his team.

11:02 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What did he go beyond to help his team???

The season ends, hecomes out and says...I fired my agent, I hired Drew Rosenhaus, and if Philly doesn't pay me more, I'm holding out.

HE didn't keep it quiet. HE staged a war in the media from day 1 of his hiring Rosenhaus. Gee, I wonder why Rosenhaus thinks he should get more money. Could it be because Drew gets NOTHING from the original contract he signed with PhillY??? NOTHING.

Rosenhaus sat in the weeds, saw TO have a great season and pried him away from his agent to START ALL OF THIS. This whole situatin is EXACTLY what TO and Drew wanted from teh beginning.

Can you imagine how ecstatic Rosenhaus was when Pinkston went down?

They are completely to blame here, and I put VERY LITTLE fault on the Eagles.


3:37 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


Completely to blame???

The organization made it clear that their protocol is not to negotiate in the middle of a contract. However, if they choose to release you thereby voiding the contract it's okay. (ha-ha)

The Eagles have a pattern of using their leverage. Should the players use their leverage?

Look what they did to Correll Buckhalter, they screwed him with his contract coming back from an injury. Then they used his return to screw Westbrook and only signed him for a one year deal.

Do you see a pattern here. If I am T.O., I don't trust these guys because their M.O. is not one to take care of their players. Remember Duce Staley?

8:40 AM

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