Tuesday, August 16, 2005


The Pistons can used one more bad egg without disrupting team chemistry. That is how strong the dressing room is. That means if they do not sign Jalen Rose or Michael Finley or any other swing man then they should sign Minnesota Timberwolves guard Latrell Sprewell. He won`t disrupt the Pistons because he won`t have a running buddy to tear down this kingdom. Sprewell is disruptive when he does not respect management or has a clown like Sam Cassell to run evil ideas by. He won`t even have Rasheed Wallace because Wallace won`t buy into it either.
Rasheed likes to act a fool on the court. He will continue to lead the league in technical fouls because he is filled with emotion that blinds him. He is not an evil political force that harms teammates. In fact Sheed is working on his game and trying to erase the titantic mistake he made in Game 5 of doubling the corner and leaving Robert Horry alone for a game-winning three point shot. Sheed is too busy beating himself up over that and has no plans for a revolt. And that will continue despite the loss of Larry Brown. People are wrong when they say LB kept Rasheed in line. That is not true. The fear came from President Joe Dumars who set policy and enforced it. Brown likes to teach and coach. But he left the discipline to Dumars. Guys wanted to speak out about Brown during the playoffs but it was Dumars who told them to keep quiet. Rasheed got the low down on Piston conduct from Dumars, not Larry Brown. Is it a gamble to bring in Spree? You are damn right it is. But I don`t like the alternative of trusting Carlos Delfino to carry the load off the bench. The guy is soft and he must learn the Piston way before he can progress. My first choice is to bring Rose back to town. My last choice is to bring in no one to counter what Miami, Cleveland and Indiana have added.
How serious are the Pistons about signing Spree? They are pretty serious. There are other options but this is one they are not afraid of.


Blogger hitman said...

T, would they have to get Flip's o.k. on that? And the bigger question is, would he give it?

8:57 AM

Blogger WTFDetroit.com said...


IMO they wouldn't even be talking to Spree if Flip hadn't already given his blessing.

Flip isn't going to go looking to create problems for himself, so he must think he can make it work with Spree here.

9:21 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

he has their OK. He is ok with with.

9:22 AM

Blogger WTFDetroit.com said...


With all due respect, where are you getting this Jalen Rose stuff?

Are you saying that they should trade for his monstrous contract?

Who would you give up to make the contracts match within the required 25%?

Rose was the subject of many "amnesty cut" rumors, but that was mostly poor reporting by the national media. It would have made zero sense for Toronto to waive him.

So do you have some other angle?


9:31 AM

Blogger billionaire said...

Tfoster what's the beef between you and Sean Balegian

9:50 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

The Pistons would not have to pay Rose's big contract. They would sign him for the mid level exception. He would get all his money from Toronto plus what the Pistons or who would sign him

10:24 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

I did not know Sean and I had a problem. This is news to me.

10:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, No Spree

10:31 AM

Blogger WTFDetroit.com said...


You are aware that the anmesty dealine has passed aren't you?

Toronto waived Alonzo Mourning's deal to get it off the books.

The only way to get Rose would be to trade for him and his monster deal.

10:35 AM

Anonymous DPrice said...

I'm hoping it's Finley because they need the offensive punch in the forward spot more than at guard.

Besides, they are going to have to take a crack at trying to develop Delfino, given that (1) he's young, and (2) he's the closest thing to a finished product at the deep end of the bench. He just might blossom in the post-Larry era, especially with the new emphasis on offense.

As to Sprewell--I just don't know if there's enough of an upside to match the risk. How are his defensive skills at this point?

12:32 PM

Anonymous Philot said...

On a semi-related subject, how about JYD instead of Ham for the upcoming season?

2:20 PM

Blogger WTFDetroit.com said...


JYD is set to retire due to a leg injury.

It's rumored that he will be joining the Knicks scouting staff.

4:11 PM

Blogger J said...

spree = HORRIBLE move. he's a lockeroom cancer, who will eventually bitch about his money or not getting the ball. i don't like it.

the thing that was different with 'sheed was that he was regarded as a great teammate.

i just think the pistons have enough castoffs. would love to see them get finley.

4:20 PM

Blogger WTFDetroit.com said...

No reply, Terry?

I'm just busting your balls a bit.


10:17 AM

Anonymous Chris said...

Derek Anderson won't be completely bad as an option either. He's offensively creative, runs the floor well, and he realizes (and accepts) that he will be coming off the bench the rest of his career.

Can anyone honestly tell me that Rose (if he had actually been released) would have relished that role?

Rose, who I happen to like, has complained EVERYWHERE HE'S BEEN. And don't give me the Toronto BS either. He complained about his role in the offense in Indiana, his minutes in Denver, and the team's direction in Chicago.

I'm not saying Rose is a bad guy. I'm just wondering if he would fully accept backing up Prince and Hamilton.

Sprewell might work on this team, if he'll relish the role as a bench player.

From what I've read so far, Spree's mouthpiece is saying that he wants to win, and that's his first priority.


5:18 PM


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