Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Tigers Last Chance to Contend

The Tigers are playing their best baseball. They are in harmony with catcher Pudge Rodriguez and they even won for pitcher Nate Robertson Tuesday night at Comerica, beating Oakland 4-1.
But is all this a big tease?
The Tigers were left for dead after losing five of six on an extended road trip and enduring Pudgegate where he ruffled teammates by leaving during a four-game suspension and returning a day late. The team met and according to people close to the team many of the younger players called out the veterans and demanded more of them. Now there is a switch.
The meeting seemed to turn on a switch and the Tigers find themselves 6 1/2 games out of the wild card race with an opportunity to catch up. They play most of the contenders the next two weeks need to stay hot to make a dent.
They are now 61-62 and I spoke with pitcher Mike Maroth who said don't count this team out. He swears things are different and there is not a magic wall that prevents them from going over .500 and staying there.
We shall see. Currently I do not consider them contenders. But if they sweep Oakland and win the next two series after that then they can make things interesting.
I was at the Oakland game Tuesday night and though the crowd was delightful you never got a sense this was a huge game. People just enjoyed the show and moved on.
The Tigers need to win nine of the next 12 games to create a frenzy here.
Let's see where they are at the end of the mouth before we get too giddy.


Blogger Ian C. said...

These are the reasons I don't think this is a tease:

1. This is happening after "Pudge-gate" and the calling for Tram's head. I could be wrong, but I think those scenarios created pressure that the team responded well to.

2. This streak is happening against good teams in contention - Boston, Toronto, and Oakland.

3. The news that the younger guys called out the veterans in that team meeting might be the best thing we've heard all season.

10:31 AM

Anonymous Biff said...

Classic Tigers - provide a tease, a glimmer of hope, some fist pumping BS, then finish 5-27 down the stretch.


12:07 PM

Anonymous A2Dave said...

If they win tonight,I'll actually use the "str..." word. Perhaps the key to extending good play for another month, and into next year, is to chaneg the name of every month to August (but I think Pena is a smart cookie and won't be fooled.)

But....despite the pronouncement that I'd find your blog (another great resoruce for Tigers junkies BTW) linked to Tigers page, other than the first time, I'm not finding any permanent link. If it is not on the Tigers page, they ought to put it there.


2:10 PM

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