Monday, August 22, 2005

Tigers Rolling After Meeting

Often team meetings are overrated. However, the Tigers meeting in Kansas City sparked them to play good baseball.
They needed it because they were coming apart at the seams. Hang on. That is not quite accurate.
The entire team was not coming apart. Teammates were angry with catcher Pudge Rodriguez who decided a four-day vacation was more important than being with teammates when he was suspended for abuse of an umpire.
Despite what you hear and read, Manager Alan Trammell and President Dave Dombrowski wanted Pudge to remain with the team. But he went over everybody's head and got permission from owner Mike Ilitch.
Rodriguez said he needed down time because he did not get a break during All-Star week.
That caused a rift which increased when Rodriguez's charter plane could not leave Columbia because of bad weather. He was docked a day's pay for being AWOL and shelled out $52,000 in pay. Teammates demanded an explanation from him, in particular pitcher Jeremy Bonderman who served a one-game suspension with teammates.
Pudge apologized. Teammates vented and later Pudge had a more private meeting with Trammell and other members of the coaching staff at the hotel bar.
Tiger players have never turned on one another. They've remained tight. The problem has been Pudge.
Now the super star player is giving teammates more respect and the Tigers are playing good baseball.
But you wonder if this is just the calm in the storm. The Tigers held a $500 a plate charity dinner where hi rollers could mingle with Tiger players. There was not much mingling because only four players showed.
You will hear talk that the streak will save Tram's job. I am not convinced of that. Tram was returning no matter what. Ilitch wants to give a guy he respects another chance.


Blogger billionaire said...

Only four players showed up. I am always on the players side however they are dead wrong. The team is still under 500 so what's them feel that they have arrived. They were the KC royals of baseball not to long ago. Dang get a little success ( I still say they are a disappoinment) and forget.

9:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

win 7 out of 8...Here comes 4 straight losses...

10:22 AM

Blogger Ian C. said...

The four straight losses usually come after they reach .500

11:28 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike Valenti is seriously going bald.

12:26 PM

Blogger Nick said...

Terry- Any more on wether Maggs still wants out? Or is that under wraps like the Pudge is now? It's good to hear the team is still tight. Last weak I took what you were writing as half the team wants traded or out in the off-season.

1:39 PM

Anonymous Rob Shepley said...

Hey Terry remember your "Spirit Of Pudge, Power Of Detroit" poem/speach you recited a few weeks ago on the radio? To you still stand by those words, or has your opinion of him changed?

4:58 PM

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