Friday, August 12, 2005


He is the sexy name the entire football world is talking about.
Rumor has it that Terrell Owens might come to the Lions.
Don't believe the hype. It is not happening.
The only TO we will see in Detroit is loveable Lions sideline reporter Tony Ortez -- the Original TO.
The Lions don't want him. They do not want Owens tearing up a pretty harmonious dressing room. The second issue is the Lions do not have enough extra cash to pay him. Even if they did it is a bad idea.
The Lions have three wide receivers in Roy Williams, Mike Williams and Charles Rogers who need to grow together. They don't need a disruptive force screaming how he is not getting the ball enough. They don't need TO tearing into quarterback Joey Harrington and Jeff Garcia.
He is not worth the pain and grief.
That is why the Lions won't trade for him.


Blogger billionaire said...

You were reading my mind as far as blogging on TO. Here is why I think TO would not work out? The Qb's we have are not tough mentally and TO would rip them up. Softy Garcia and TO yikes. Joey Harrington already is frazzled a little by the boos TO would carve him up too. Plus Mooch as well I think is weak minded as well. The ideal coach for TO would be Dennis Green. If We had the right staff and QB I would say let';s get TO. From a marketing and merchandising stand point you could do wonders with TO. Plus I think TO is not getting fair reporting. Terry you must admit when he is on the field he brings it. Tony Ortiz I know of him from Houston and I think the QB:s are happy with him instead.

9:13 PM

Blogger Tom said...

We just don't need him here. We have plenty of talent at receivers, and two of the 3 people TO has ripped on in the past 2 years are right here in Detroit. Mooch and Garcia don't wanna work with him. Let him be someone else's problem.

10:24 PM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...


You hit the nail on the head, T.O. has already went head to head with Garcia and Mooch. It wouldn't work here. Joey would end up in a mental institution.

I like the Dennis Green / T.O. combination.

10:49 PM

Anonymous sportsfromA2 said...

How about a TO for Marvin Harrison trade?

#1 it gets TO out of the NFC

#2- Both have large contracts, right?

And I think between Edge/Peyton, there might be enough ego/confidence already there to match up with TO.

11:16 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

If you are Indy why trade Harrison for TO? Things are going smoothly there. There are no fights and media stunts. The team is winning and Harrison is productive in a wonderful system. It would be too risky for the Colts.

6:33 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

All I can say is...The Eagles organization are stupid to allow this to get to this point.

When your in the entertainment industry (yes entertainment industry), you work with Deva's all the time. If you can schmooze an ego you end up losing. I think ownership is at fault. The entertainment value drops off by about 50% without T.O.

It has been proven over and over, when you win, you capture the local market; when you mix winning and high entertainment value, you capture the world. Look at the Lakers - Showtime, look at the Chicago Bulls Jordan error.

Sometimes when people get to self righteous about the sport, they forget that the fans not only want to win, they also want to be entertained.

8:10 AM

Blogger The_Real_Right_Way said...

that should have read,

"If you can't schmooze an ego you end up losing.

8:13 AM

Blogger smoovethugg said...

to is a dummy.i wouldnt touch him for free.

9:59 PM


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