Monday, August 22, 2005

When Family Means So Much

Mike threw down today on the Sports Inferno when he talked about his love for his family and how much he misses him. This is the real Mike. He sees how unfair some aspects of life can be and he longs for his family.
This shows his growth as a talk show host. A year ago Mike never would open up this way. I think you are going to see more of it. When we share our problems it is often beneficial for everybody. Many of you have gone through similar problems and sometimes it is good to heal and talk about it.
I talked last year about losing my Aunt Margaret. She was like my mother because she helped raise me with my great grand mother. I made a point of spending every moment I could with my aunt. I wanted her wisdom. I admired her strength and it prepared me for the time when my life comes to an end.
I also wanted to be with her because there is one regret I carry in life.
A year after graduating from college I worked at the Grand Rapids Press. One weekend I told a friend I would visit her and her husband in Saginaw. On the trip to Grand Rapids an unusual feeling overtook me and told me I should drive to Detroit.
It overtook me for 20 minutes and when I hit Lansing I nearly veered east instead of north and headed to Detroit. But I knew I was going home the following week and I chose to spend time with my friends.
That was on a Friday. The following Tuesday my grand mother and aunt returned from the grocery store where they bought food for my next visit.
My grandmother slumped in a chair and died.
I regret not spending those final days with her. I felt like I had made a poor and selfish decision.
Last year the voice told me to go visit my aunt on a Wednesday. I took my kids Brandon and Celine. We visited for more than an hour. They told her how much they love her. Brandon hugged her. Celine sat in her lap and told her how much she loved her.
We spoke one last time and she told me I had to be strong for the family. She also gave me instructions she wanted me to carry out.
The next day she was too weak to talk. She died a few days later.


Blogger Leslie Monteiro said...

Thanks for sharing this story, Terry.

You know my parents are getting up there in age so I know I will do my part to appreciate them even more each day.

11:13 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Love them every day Leslie. And make sure you tell them you love them and share life stories. You will cherish every moment even after they are gone

7:09 AM

Blogger the sports dude said...

My mom lives life three months at a time - in between check ups to make sure her cancer is still in remission. Therefore, we all live life three months at a time. I talk to her at least four or five times a week on the phone and make sure that my kids see her at least once a week for an extended visit. It helps that she is less than a mile away, but if not I would still figure out a way to make the trek.

It is amazing how life works, how frustrating it can be at times, but it makes you appreciate the whole damn thing called life a lot more when you are confronted by it.

Love them while they are here, make sure they know it, leave nothing unsaid and enjoy it all to the fullest while it lasts.

All we got is love.

9:41 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back when I was in college I headed home for a weekend, determined to fight with my mom over a disagreement that we'd been having about my girlfriend. Well, the weekend passed and I never blew up at her like I'd planned, and she ended up having a heart attack the next Tuesday and died shortly thereafter. I'll always be glad that I kept my cool and a shred of maturity took over that weekend.

9:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone know what the major news was that "Mr. Tease" Karsch and Regner were blabbering about yesterday before 5pm? They talked about 'big news' (not the Davis signing obviously) but, AS A-L-W-A-Y-S, DRAGGED IT OUT FOREVER and by that time I was home and couldn't listen anymore. Thanks for your help.

11:19 AM

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5:50 AM

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