Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It is Time for MSU to Validate

A few summers ago The Detroit News sent me to Tree Tops Resort to cover the Par Three Shootout. It was always a relaxing couple of days and I enjoyed the trip up north.
One of the rules in the skins game is when a player won a hole he had to validate with a par or better and tying the following hole. I did not like the rule. I felt if you won a hole you won the hole.
Now Michigan State's football team must validate after winning a very important hole last weekend. The Spartans shocked college football by beating Notre Dame 44-41 in overtime last weekend and now a classic trap game awaits Saturday at Illinois.
This is a game the Spartans typically lose.
They generally do not win following big wins against Michigan and Notre Dame. They become fat and sassy and all the Sparty love makes them content.
It is time to change tradition. MSU is a better team than Illinois and the Spartans should demand more of themselves and beat the Illini.
If the Spartans want to be considered among the elite they must defeat lesser programs. We've seen them blow games under four different coaches so it must be a MSU thing. Now is the time to change things and begin a special season.
This offense is good enough to scare anybody. The defense is porous enough to keep everybody in games. That is the scary part. But the Spartans need a new attitude of they won't be stopped.
They must ignore all the good things people are saying about them and remain focused. There is no reason MSU should lose to Illinois except for the ugly past which keeps coming back to haunt them.


Anonymous KLC said...

GO RIGHT THROUGH FOR MSU! Go State! Please God, don't disappoint us Spartan Dawgs! :)

10:55 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm as confident as a Spartan football fan can be, which is to say, quite guarded.

Forget a Big Ten title, I just want a bowl game played after Christmas...

11:43 AM

Anonymous DarthTater said...

I think the last quarter of the Notre Dame game put enough fear into them (I know it scared me)to keep them from getting too cocky or complacent. This is a different team from the ones in the past. Look, we aren't talking the Lions here.

Yeah, I'm not taking it for granted by any means, but they are going to beat Illinois next Saturday. They will play hard and Stanton and the offense will play well.

How about: MSU 28 - Illinois 20

That being said, I'm not predicting anything beyond this weekend. lol.

3:40 PM

Blogger RogerJab said...

As a fan I hope MSU comes through and gets the win, but as a betting man that ten and a half points looks juicy.

4:48 PM

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