Saturday, September 03, 2005

Lions had No Interest in Trading Harrington Even Before Garcia Injury

Even if Jeff Garcia were healthy the Lions were not going to trade quarterback Joey Harrington. But Kansas City Coach Dick Vermeil wanted to make sure for himself.
Despite the Lions denials a representative of the Chiefs called a Lions rep and let them know the team was interested. I am not certain the Chiefs even told the Lions what they were willing to give up for Harrington.
The Lions let them know quickly there was no chance of a deal.
My sources have told me that Vermeil believes he can turn Harrington into a top flight quarterback. He believes Harrington is in a system that does not suit him well and believes there will be less pressure on Harrington in Kansas City.
Vermeil also believes Harrington will respond to his touchy love.
The Chiefs were willing to give the Lions multiple draft picks but no players.
I am not sure talks got that far, but I am sure the Lions quickly said no.
The Chiefs are worried that starting quarterback Trent Green's leg problems might be more serious than anticipated. And injured backup Todd Collins has had off the field problems that worries the team.
So don't be surprised if the Chiefs look elsewhere for a quarterback.


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I'd trade him for anything he sux!!!! Trade him for Tyson Chandler plz

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