Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Lives Ruined at CMU

A child is dead. A couple football careers lie in ruins.
It makes no sense. This sad story takes place on the campus of Central Michigan University where I attended school two decades ago.
CMU football players Jerry Seymour and Spencer Lewis were indicted for the second degree murder of DeMarcus Graham. James Edward Cooper, a third CMU player was also indicted on two counts of perjury.
How do you get in trouble in Mt. Pleasant? What was the argument about? What happened that caused the death of a young man.
Besides the dead young man, the person we are most concerned about is Seymour who is an outstanding tailback that reminded some of a mini Barry Sanders. He had a shot at the NFL and a shot at making something of himself.
But all of that is on hold until the courts have their say.
This began June 25, 2004 when Graham was beaten unconscious outside Shaboom’s Pub Club. He died at St. Mary’s Hospital in Saginaw July 14.
It makes no sense. A young man is dead and at least three others are in serious trouble.
I often don't understand how people blow opportunities in life. I wish I were good enough to play football or basketball at a Division I school. I'd milk that for all its worth.
It is an honor to play for any school. All you have to do is play, study and have fun and you are made in the shade.
I hope a young athlete reads this. You don't know how lucky you are. Think about that when trouble brews.
It is ok to walk away. It is ok to have friends call you a wimp for not sticking around and handling business.
It will be the most important cowardly act of your life.
Just walk.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terry, As a Central student and soon to be alum, I have seen how this case has evolved since the tragic murder of DeMarcus. Over 200 witnesses were at the bar the night of his murder, and only now are there arrests being made. The reaction of students is mixed because while it is finally a relief to know that there may be justice in the case, many wonder why the police took so long in making any arrests, and how it could be that up to 2 dozen football players, including the suspects involved, could be silent for such a long time without charges being pressed. I believe it is an indictment not only on law enforcement in Mt. Pleasant, but also on the so called code of ratting your friends and teammates out. Despite these arrests, I still believe authorities will never know the truth, and I cannot imagine the pain that causes the Graham family to know that their son was murdered, and the whole town kept silent. Thank you for showing concern on this matter and dealing with the facts, and hopefully through all of the trial and all of the the delibrations, people can finally get at what really happened to DeMarcus Graham.

8:08 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I hope the truth comes out. The Graham family is owed that. If any of these players had anything to do with it then justice should be served. But you might be right. The truth may never come out. That happens quite often and it is sad.

9:52 PM

Blogger Steve-oh said...

I've got more faith the truth will come out ... call it an informed opinion.

There's a reason this thing took so long to come to a head.

10:27 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terry, This is a link to the Central paper's website, and it details the newest developments in the case including players being tossed from school, and more former players being charged in the murder. I have a feeling this case is going to get a heck of a lot worse before any resolution is resolved, and there are now claims coming out of Mt. Pleasant of racism by the police and the school. It is a terrible mess and tragedy with no end in sight.

8:17 PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did anyone happen to notice that Jerry Seymore landed at a small Division II school in West Virginia - Glenville State College?

3:50 PM


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