Sunday, September 18, 2005

Michigan State-Notre Dame

Your thougts on Michigan State's 44-41 overtime victory over Notre Dame


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Anonymous Tim said...

State controlled the first half of the game and looked very good, shutting down Notre Dame's running attack. I felt as though they would blow it when John L. Smith started playing "conservative" and basically took away all of Stanton's QB capabilities. Basically we saw 2 things at the end of the game. #1-A team with heart can win games over a good team, and #2-Can I say Drew Stanton maybe being the Big 10 player of the year?

2:46 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Let the Big Ten begin before we make any bold statements. But my eyes have been on Drew Stanton for Big Ten player of the year from day one although I am pick Maroney to do it in Minnesota. But I might be wrong on this one.

5:50 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Now what does Michigan have to do with State's win over Notre Dame? Illinois is next.

5:51 AM

Blogger d-town fan in Chicago said...

I 100% agree that the true test comes next week for Illinois. This is a classic "sandwich game" for the Spartans considering UM is next. I as a Spartan Alumn will not be overlooking Illinois. I also hate to play Michigan Fan and complain after a win, but I have seen some troubling things with Mr. John L who I have mixed support for. He plays this image as a rebel and a cowboy that coaches with reckless abandonment. This is evident with his defense which seemed to blitz on every play (Dick Juron take notes, you are aloud to do this occasionaly). However, when a big time in a big game occurs, he tends to get a little tight in his coaching. Perfect example is UM last year and the ND game Saturday. The Spartans could score at will on ND and he has to gain more trust in Stanton who could be the best QB in the Big 10. I didnt necessarily agree with the identity of this team under John L, but at least you are developing one of being aggressive. Just try to keep this theme throughout every game, especially the big ones.

11:48 AM

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