Monday, September 19, 2005

Now Do You See What I Saw in Lions?

Now do you see why I was so down after the Lions victory over Green Bay?
While the rest of you celebrated I simply saw the same old Lions beat a team that played worse. I was not buying that as a turn around game or something to build on. It was a dreadful display followed by the most dreadful game in the Matt Millen era.
Sunday's 38-6 loss at Chicago was dangerous. It may have fractured a team, in addition to shatter the confidence of the community. The Lions are pointing fingers, doubting teammates and they might need every moment of this two-week lay off to get it together.
The offensive line was pathetic again and gave quarterback Joey Harrington little or no protection. The defense did not get the bale outs from officials and declining quarterback play from Brett Favre it did the previous week in a 17-3 victory over Green Bay.
And what can you say about Harrington? Five interceptions? Are you sure they did not sneak Ty Detmer out there?
He looked lost and confused and all the blemishes fans say he has was there in living technicolor. Harrington was unsure and tentative. Every pass was a leap of faith.
And in a signature play that we will talk about for days, Roy Williams turned wimp and sold out his quarterback on a route he backed off of and then refused to fight to. The result was a back breaking interception by the Bears that turned the Lions into pugulists on the field.
Running back Kevin Jones screamed at Willams. And he deserved it. Harrington told him he blew it.
My guess is the dressing room has lost confidence in Harrington again. Players try to believe in him but every time they do he fails them. Of course the offensive line turned their backs on him while the Bears turned loose with a ferocious pass rush.
And speaking of pass rushes. Did anyone tell defensive coordinator Dick Jaron that it is OK to blitz a rookie quarterback? Bears quarterback Kyle Orton looked dazed and confused the week before against Washington, which at one point blitzed him on 14 of 16 plays.
The Lions sat back like the fat and lazy Lions in the Detroit Zoo and the rookie picked them apart.
So now do you see? Now do you see why I dogged them on Fox 2 last week and again on the Sports Inferno?
You saw victory. I saw same ol' Lions. And now maybe we see the same thing after this loss.


Blogger hitman said...

Well put T. Can I say they quit yesterday because don't you have to at least start something before you quit? I can take the team that I root for getting pummeled but what I can't take is for them showing no heart, no pride, no passion, no desire. And that starts with the coach...

8:38 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

No. the Lions did not quit.
They never started. You are right.

8:53 AM

Anonymous Biff said...

I saw the same thing you saw after Game 1, T. Same old same old.

9:45 AM

Anonymous Lions Slappy said...

1. Fire Jaron

2. Fire Mooch

3. Do anything you can to bolster the offensive line.

4. Do what you can to bring in Drew Brees next year.

9:53 AM

Anonymous Brian said...

What I can't understand is that the Bears were saying all week, "we're gonna put pressure on Joey and make sure they can't run the ball." HELLO!!! Shouldn't this tell the coaching staff that they should come up with something to counter that. NO! Instead they ran the same 3 or 4 sets and tried to "trick" the Bears. Pathetic, sometimes i hate the blame the players when they're told to execute these joke of plays. Same old same old.

10:24 AM

Anonymous Brian said...


I will say what I said last week. I'm still cautiously optimistic that they'll go 7-9.

10:28 AM

Anonymous D-Town Fan in Chicago said...

You are right on the money T. I saw it as well after the GB game. This team has problems, and I have news for Lions fans, its more than 1 problem as in QB, coach, or management. This is a collective problem that has been going on (this time) since the Millen regime. This is why i was against the Mike Williams pick, whats the difference? You know the lions wont be able to use him or their other draft picks. Its time Detroiters realize that Mooch is an overrated coach that has no clue. Maybe they should've looked outside the box at a guy like Charlie Weiss rather than taking the guy that is media savvy or fits the mold as a great coach. He has no clue.

11:36 AM

Blogger d-town fan in Chicago said...

I have a question for you Terry. I respect your opinions that are right on most of the time. I dont know how close you are to the team but have you seen any problems in the locker room yet, similar to what you have been reporting with the Tigers? It seems to me that its only a matter of time before what we saw on Sunday with K Jones getting into it with R Williams that there is going to be more of it. And when do you see it as a problem where Mooch could be losing credibility with his team?

11:39 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And what really shows that you were right after last week is the greenbay loss this week to Cleveland. Hell, Greenbay may go 0-16, then how silly do we look after last week.

3:54 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Yeah there are problems n the dressing room. Guys dont have confidence in Harrington and they are shaky on the game plan Mooch gives them. It is getting serious and there is a chance for an eruption. thankfully for them there are two weeks between games

10:42 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

all i know is after the green bay game i was told the lions were turning a corner.
if they did turn a corner they found a monster on the other side and he devoured them

10:43 PM

Blogger Steve-oh said...

Terry - As a veteran Detroit media watcher, what did you think of Mooch's performance in the press conference today?

10:57 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Steve Oh,
I did not think much of Mooch's press conferenc -- as usual. He says nothing and does nothing. That is what I thought of it

2:02 PM

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