Monday, September 12, 2005

Packers Give Game Away

I really felt bad last night. I sat next to the Book and the Voice with the giddy voices of celebration from the fans ringing in my ears. People were happy and sappy over the Lions season-opening 17-3 victory over Green Bay Sunday at Ford Field. Any time the Lions win it is reason to celebrate.
Some have fallen into the trap that they have finally arrived. I am not buying it. I thought the Lions looked terrible for much of the game and benefited by horrific play by the Packers. There was one stretch where it seemed as if Green Bay committed a penalty on every play. They were called for 14 penalties for 100 yards and that does not count the three other times the Lions turn down penalties or the one play where two flags were thrown on the same play.
We often view games from a Lions prospective and give them all the praise during wins and all the blame during losses. I thought this game was mostly about Green Bay.
It was mostly about a team that laid one of the biggest eggs of the day.
I credit the Lions for taking advantage, but it sure was scary watching the Packers implode on every play yet were only one score behind for much of the game.
It was good to see the defense not get shredded. But then again if Favre had any accuracy he would have thrown for at least two touchdowns. Instead the Packers scored he fewest points in the Favre era.
Let me wait and see another week. I see a better team, but the Lions don't look any better than they have the last three seasons, during which they won their openers.
You guys celebrate. I will continue to worry.


Blogger Kev said...

I couldn't agree more Terry. Just like the game last season, I was waiting for GB to wake up and stomp down the field to win it. Detroit did not look solid on offense at all, but at least they got 2 TDs in the Red Zone which was a huge problem for them last year, and in this pre-season.

It was also nice to see Mike Williams be put to good use at the goal line, and I hope Pollard continues to be the productive TE we have needed for too many years now!!!

8:49 AM

Blogger Big D said...

Terry: I saw you on Sportsworks last night with the Book and the Voice. Neither was "giddy." Both were cautiously optimistic. Both pointed out the good from the Green Bay game, and both noted that the game wasn't perfect.

Moreover, in regard to the headline of your blog, "Packers Give Game Away," how about a little fairness? For years, the media in Detroit remarked that the Lions took penalties because they weren't as good as the opposing team. I think the same was true of the Packers yesterday. Ahmad Carroll just wasn't as good as the Lions receivers and he needed to cheat.

The Lions forced the game onto the Packers on Sunday. The corners played great press coverage, and the whole defense tackled well.

I agree that we should wait another week to see where the Lions are, but we can also celebrate this week. For some reason, the media in Detroit puts words in the collective mouths of Lions' fans, making it an either or situation. (We can either celebrate or take a wait and see attitude.) In my opinion, we can do both.

9:06 AM

Anonymous Z-Unit said...

Good Point about the "either, or" attitude. I agree with a lot that terry said with one exception. I will not "worry" about the lions. I am at the point I feel good about a couple things in their play(Red Zone TD's, etc.) and about the win and bad about how there defense needed saving from the refs/packers mistakes and their offense was inaffective in the middle of the game. I just want to move on from this win and see them improve. If they don't, then I will begin to worry.

9:19 AM

Anonymous Brian said...

Yeah right one Terry, the Packers looked foolish and missed those two big bombs that probably would have been TDs. But this is a game of ifs and the only thing that matters is the win. You could argue if the Lions took advantage on some offensive plays they would have blown the packers out. So we could pick apart the "ifs" of the game, but what it comes down to is the final score. Sometimes a little lady luck is needed. Just look at the Pats first trip to the Superbowl.
I too am cautiously optimistic, but not ready to say this team is going to the playoffs.

10:00 AM

Anonymous Darren said...

The offense looked predictable, again. I really think they got to throw down field more. I dont know if the receivers are over running or Joey is under throwing, but they have to be on the same page. The defense has to get the opposing QB ans put pressure on him before the 4th quarter.

They have a winnable game next Sunday. Could be 2-0. Either way good to have football season started!!

10:22 AM

Blogger Big D said...

Darren: They can't throw down field without protection. Joey just doesn't have enough time to throw. Case in point. I watched parts of the Sunday night game, and Manning had all kinds of time to throw. The extra second or two of protection he got made the difference as to whether his receivers were open or covered. The Lions receivers would be open if Joey had an extra second or two.

The other problem for the Lions is that they don't take advantage of Joey's strengths. Joey is a very good, and accurate, pocket passer. Despite this, the Lions have loaded up on offensive lineman who are athletic. This leads to a good running game, but not good pocket protection. It's kind of like asking a surgeon to deliver a baby. Both a surgeon and an Ob-Gyn are doctors, but they have different strengths. The surgeon could probably deliver the baby, but it would be ugly and, at times, inefficient. Just like the Lions offense.

10:32 AM

Blogger Commish said...

Joey had some bad throws, but the parts of the passing game I was most concerned with was the pocket protection, and dropped balls. I haven't seen much written about this in any of the papers or blogs, but I thought there were an awful lot of misplayed passes by our receivers yesterday. Am I alone here?

2:55 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terry, I didn't hear much about this on the show (or anywhere) today, about Pudge:

Pudge is really coming out as a cancer for this team.

If the tigers waived him now, think we could get any takers? I'm afraid if we try to get rid of him this offseason nobody will take on the $20+ million left on his contract- if we waived him now some team desperate for a catcher for the playoffs would pick him up.

3:09 PM

Anonymous Brent said...

TF, glad to see some sports grace your blog again.

the deadline was August 31st for teams to have players eligible for playoff rosters. i.e. if the player isn't on the team by Aug 31st, they can't be on the playoff roster.

Also, no team in their right mind would claim an aging catcher due $20+ Million.

6:22 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I dont remember the Lions having 14 penalties against them and I also thought some of the Pakcer penalties were bogus. The Lions took advantage of the situation and I applaud them for that. I want to see what they do in Chicago before I start talking about them turning a corner.

10:08 PM

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