Saturday, September 24, 2005

Watch for Campaign to Save Tram's Job

The Tigers are leaning toward firing Manager Alan Trammell when the season ends. That is how terrible this thing has spiraled.
But despite what you've heard from others a definite decision has not been made. That is why you are going to hear voices inside and outside the organization talk up Trammell this week.
Some believe that Tram can be saved and that there are circumstances beyond his control. You will hear their voices. And they will make a public campaign to at least cause you to change your minds about him.
I don't think it will work. But look for that next week.
I believe a good percentage of the players don't care if Trammell stays or goes. But there are some who believe he was given a bad team with a bad attitude and they cannot pass judgment on him. That is one reason we got some of those leaks out of the dressing room.
They wanted you to know that Trammel was not the only reason for the Tigers' problems. They wanted you to take a critical look at President Dave Dombrowski and catcher Pudge Rodriguez.
The ball is in motion to fire Tram. But there is a wildcard and that is owner Mike Ilitch. He may say no even if Dombrowski says yes.
But it might be difficult for Ilitch to say no if Dombrowski presents Jim Leyland to him.
Stay tuned. The Tigers soap opera continues and you won't want to miss the exciting conclusion.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, guess I'll be unique here and actually address the damn subject!! I think that all parties will look at the fact that Trammell has completely lost control of this team. I was watching the game the other day, it was about to start, Tram strolled from one end of the dugout to the other. No one would even look at him. He patted a couple guys on the back, as he walked by and tried to make eye contact with a couple who were sitting down. All of those guys just looked at him like "get the hell away from me". He always has looked so high strung during games, who the hell can play for a guy cussing and looking like he's about to cry with every pitch, and he has been this way since the start. Has he listened to the guys who played in Toledo this season? They all say the same thing, "WE HAD FUN"!!!! I don't think anyone is having fun playing for Tram. Evev Mags, who always used to have a smile on his face looks miserable. Tram MUST go for the sake of the organization and all they tied to do the past few years. Oh........and if by some miracle he does survive?.Gibson should be sent back to coaching little league hockey where he belongs.

9:22 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the Detroit Tigers official web site, Jason Beck writes an article about Pudge giving money to relief victims of Katrina.
Pudge R. is not the only ballplayer in that organization who has given relief to Katrina victims. However PUDGE wants to make it a news item. That is Pudge. He want everyone to think he is all that.
I know that quite a few players on that team have come to the aid of Katrina victims, and never wanted it to become common knowledge.
I know of players who have supported various charities and have kept it quiet. That is general the spirit of giving, not to get a pat on the back.
That is another example of why Pudge is hated on this team. He has been like this since his arrival.
Remember the quote I'm not a loser, I'm the only one in this clubhouse going to the hall of fame.
To me that remark says it all.

1:55 PM

Blogger dildo_farts said...


10:03 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I too find it odd that Pudge wants everybody to know he contributed to Katrina victims. That is part of his pr stance to make people think he is great. A bunch of us know better.
He is hated in that dressing room and it will be interesting to see what happens next season if he returns.
And the other poster is correct. Tram looks like a dead man walking. I got another email saying something big happened in the dressing room the other day. I don't know what it is. I am trying to find out.

5:56 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must give you credit for reporting what Detroit sport beat writers are not saying. If they cannot print the good bad and ugly, they should retire. This is the only city where sport writers sugar coat everything. New york, Philly, Boston, etc. would never tolerate a team like the tigers and they would not be afraid to write about mistakes, lack of interest, and it would not matter what the players name was.
They would also call the owner on the mat, demand some explanation of why; why, is every year the same?
This collection of kooks, will never gel. To many chief, not enough indians.

3:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The majority of problems are not caused by Trammel. Condidering the team he was handed and what has been taken away from him has made it hard for him to do a good job. On the other hand, he does not know how to manage a team properly so therefore he should lose his job as manager. So it goes both ways. Dombrowski should also lose his job because it appears that he is doing as little as possible to help the team, just enough to keep his job. Maybe they should keep Tram somewhere in the organization, just not managing. He does care about the team more than Dombrowski and possibly Illich especially after the many years he has devoted to the team. Maybe he would do a better job taking Dombrowski's position and bringing in perhaps Leyland or someone else with experience.

6:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Something big did happen. Lets say a certain player and a coach will not be exchanging Christmas cards this year, and thus, the closed door meeting that seems to have lit a fire under some ASSES!!!! Have a nice day T!!!

9:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Them's fight'n words from Danny Knobler

So you want to dump Pudge because you read on an internet blog that one writer thinks he's a cancer? There are those who think the Tigers would be better off without Pudge, but I can't imagine anyone in the organization thinking it would be a good idea to pay $12 million or so to have him play for someone else.
Look, Pudge can be a pain at times, but he's nowhere near the problem in the clubhouse that Pedro Martinez and Manny Ramirez are at times. Pedro and Manny really ruined the Red Sox last year, didn't they?

I find it amusing that the same guy who wants to dump Pudge because he's heard he's a problem in the clubhouse also wants the Tigers to sign a free-agent pitcher who is such a clubhouse problem that his current team won't even offer him a contract.

1:36 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Words are cheap; action speaks louder:

Two weeks ago, Pudge Rodriguez wouldn't say he wanted to play for the Tigers in 2006. Monday, Rodriguez said he wants to help the Tigers win next year.

"I'm going to come back next year and hit over .300, and be in the playoffs help put this team in the playoffs," Rodriguez said. "I think next year this team can be in the playoffs. We have a lot of good talent here. I just want us to finish strong, and have a lot of positive stuff in the papers before we go."

Rodriguez went 1-for-4 Monday night, and had to leave the game in the eighth inning with a spasm in his left calf.

10:09 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Terry, once again you were right!! Did you see Tram begging in the Mitch Albom fluff piece....oops, I mean "article"? Kind of sad.

9:41 AM


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