Sunday, September 04, 2005

What is Going on in New Orleans?

Is this really the United States of America?
If that is the case why is a 105-year-old woman roaming the streets of New Orleans holding the hand of a five-year-old grand daughter?
That's nearly a week after Hurricane Katrina hit this gulf coast town. It is several days after President Bush said help is on the way. New Orleans is no more. It is a memory and Katrina showed how vulnerable our country is.
Officials and troops say help came too little and too late because we have so many resources in this failed war in Iraq. We are spread too thin and cannot help our own.
Now about 40,000 National Guard are in New Orleans and another 10,000 are on their way. They've cut down on the lawlessness but we still hear reports of murder and rape. We hear there are thousands of bodies in New Orleans floating in water and many are on the street wrapped in blankets.
I understand why we cannot get the ones under water, but what about people laying dead on the streets?
This whole thing has been sickening. Our government dropped the ball on this by responding too slow. And it began years ago when local officials asked for $72 million to strengthen the levees that gave away. That seems like a small price to pay for a city that was as vulnerable to storm as New Orleans.
There are thousands of stories of hardship we don't even know about. I read this morning about people in Mississippi who said they are in worst shape. But the world does not know.
I do encourage everybody to do their small part and donate to the American Red Cross or Salvation Army. These are our people and we must do as much as we can for them


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger RogerJab said...

I donated T., but I've got one question. Why do we continually bail out these bastards (Bush Administration)who continually shrink govt. so it's no longer capable of responding to these tragedies? Why do we continually bail out these bastards who put our resources in a God forsaken situation of their making(Iraq) so we can't fortify the levies of a great American city and is then is destroyed? I hear Haliburton already has the contract to clean up and restore electrcity in NO. The Bush administration is taking this country down piece by piece, it's really sad.

9:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of people trying to blame someone for every little thing that goes wrong.

New Orleans has been a tourist attraction and host to countless sporting events. What did the city do with all the money? They have danced with the Hurricaine issue for years and did little to help themselves. Maybe they should look in the mirror?

I'm not saying we shouldn't help. I'm just saying let's stop trying to place blame and move forward to get the region back on it's feet.

2:38 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

I cannot answer your question. I simply know Bush is one of the worst presidents in United States history. My friends who live in Europe seriously believes he is retarted and mean spirited and cannot believe we re elected him. They question our sanity

2:41 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

Why do we place blame?
It has been a week and people are still dying because no one has come and assisted them.
Why do we place blame?
Because there are more people to be saved and loud screaming does work. This is tragic and sad and we need to do everything we can to help the people n Mississippi and Lousiana.

2:42 PM

Anonymous TheSinisterExaggerator said...

This disaster shows the amoral orientation of a small government conservative philoshopy. I hope people see it.

I hope this will be a watershed moment, when people realize how the poor (and through no coincidence, black) are treated in this nation.

Thanks for all you and Mike have done with raising money for this disaster. I appreciate it, and I'm sure countless others do as well.

3:11 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terry, I think it's great that you've been helping raise money for this disaster, and for that, I commend you. However, you're really letting your liberal opinion shine right through. Name dropping your Euro friends, and using what they think to support your hatred for Bush. Thank goodness you're not a reporter, because that's a major no-no, and I'm sure you could be hit with a libel suit.

Anyway, it seems "The Truth" is rather biased. Maybe a new nickname would be fitting.

3:39 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And one more thing. It's kind of hard to rescue someone when they do not want to leave still or are trying to shoot you. Sadly, there are many people who share one of those two opinions.

3:41 PM

Anonymous The Central Scrutinizer said...

In this case, the biased truth is the truth.

3:48 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Says another liberal POV.

4:20 PM

Blogger J said...


i've been blogging about this non-stop because it is so tragic.

if you support george bush right now, you're a moron. i was sort of on the fence about him, but i'd like to hit him with a rock ASAP. and he's a very public figure, so i won't have to worry about being prosecuted. the CIA, though, might be another matter.

yes, new orleans has known for years that they needed to strengthen the levees. the times-picayune did a series on what would happen if a category 5 hit new orleans and the destruction it would cause. it was pointed out in that series the FEDERAL GOV'T put the levee situation at the bottom of the priority list.

george bush does not deserve all the blame because he alone did not create all the problems. my problem with him is he's greedy, insincere and stupid. guess who already has the contract to cleanup new orleans? haliburton. yeah, the same company "rebuilding" iraq, the same one that has dick cheney a consultant/board member.

times like these, you need a president to convey sympathy and compassion. bill clinton was a lot of things, but you definitely felt emotion from him. george bush strikes me as hollow and self-serving.

4:26 PM

Blogger J said...

sorry, i got so lathered up, i forgot to address this ignorant comment:

"It's kind of hard to rescue someone when they do not want to leave still or are trying to shoot you."

i do not deny there were looters and shooters. but put yourself in their world for a second. they have been cut off from the rest of the world. they are dying in their own homes. they have no food. no phone. no way to get help. they feel as if their gov't has abandoned them because they have no contact with the outside world. that's why they are angry and hostile.

you many not give a f**k about what happens to them, but i hope everyone understands something else: if we were attacked or something else on a larger scale, God forbid, took place, this is how our gov't would respond -- self-interest first, us second (maybe third).

i am furious that we have created this "homeland security" -- codeword: another hook-up for one of my boys -- and they are now bumbling and stumbling about what to do. isn't that why we have that office? they are supposed to have their shit together. and all i keep hearing is how they didn't know, didn't expect, blah, blah, blah. sounds an awful like that crap they fed us after 9/11.

we are woefully unprepared for terror, be it inflicted or natural. we deserve more. all while george and his oil buddies are raking in $70 a barrel. nice.

4:30 PM

Anonymous I See Dead People said...

anonymous said..."I'm so sick of people trying to blame someone for every little thing that goes wrong."

Every little thing? By official estimates, there are thousands of people rotting in New Orleans and, nearly a WEEK after the hurricane, people have yet to be rescued all over that region and are STILL dying. (Not just dropping dead, mind you, but suffering long, slow, painful deaths due to dehydration and exposure.) If that's a little thing to you, then God help you.

I have never been so shaken by an event in this country. Those people were abandoned by a government that promised they would provide "leadership" and "security" in this "post-9/11 world." They've started wars and re-arranged government structure and thrown our country into the biggest deficit in its history -- all in the name of post-9/11 safety. And now the fruits of their deception and greed are floating, bloated and stinking down the streets of New Orleans. This is what our billions of tax dollars were spent on? This is the security and safety Bush promised us?

Anonymous, thousands have died because of incompetence and neglect by the government of the richest country in the world, and you sit there complaining about nitpicking liberals? I think Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Chertoff, Rove, Rice, et al, should go down to New Orleans and remove and bury the bodies themselves. Let's see if their mistakes seem any more real to them once they are knee deep in dead babies and grandmas. Perhaps you should join them.

6:30 PM

Blogger dildo_farts said...

am I the only one on here that would fuck j Hill?

6:39 PM

Anonymous Chris said...

No, what Terry says is NOT liberally biased.

What's liberal is your resident stooge setting the highest government spending on virtually nothing.

Liberal is your stooge telling Florida that their laws made by their elected constituency weren't good enough.

Liberal is your jackass in the white house who requires testing for schools without applying the funding.

Liberal is your moron in the oval office who created a beaurocracy called Homeland Security and failed to deliver appropriate funding to police, fire, and emergency personnel on the local level. Cities are spending and spending to increase security on shrinking budgets from Washington running up large deficits.

To me, that is liberal.

Taking care of your own first, building new infrastructure is a conservative ideal.

This President's priorities are Iraq and energy first, natural disasters and infrastructure second.

And, it is not liberal to criticize how that money is spent. That is your fundamental right as an American.

It is why so-called conservative farmers complained about cuts in farm subsidies (when a true conservative is against big government handouts).

Just like people complain about Title IX, Affirmative Action, and Gay Rights. You don't hear any of us calling you a racist, sexist, homophobic chump.

It is your right as an American to question the priorities of your government.

To suggest otherwise shows how shallow of a thinker you truly are.

9:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"My friends who live in Europe seriously believes he is retarted ...

Your friends probably don't use English as their primary language. What's your excuse?

Why anyone actually pays you to sit at a keyboard is beyond me. Stick to radio, dimwit.

9:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My friends in Europe, give me a break.

You want to see some real hate? Right here in this blog, directed at our President. I swear, there's folks out there that call themselves Americans that are happy about this tragic natural disaster, so they can invent a brand new way to rage at W.

This sports fan is about ten seconds away from deleting it from the "favorites" list on my computer.

10:31 PM

Anonymous Chris said...

You don't get it, do you?

It's not about party politics.

Terry criticized the priorities of the government, and that's fine.

People criticized his thinking, calling it wrong.

You have a right to voice your displeasure with what is happening. Do you get it?

First amendment asshole.

Just because you fucking criticize the president doesn't mean that you are wishing bad things to happen.

This is the problem with this new Republican sensitivity of criticism. We should just accept every decision and agree with it?

If that were the case, we would be still paying taxes to Great Britain.

What makes this country great is our countless questioning of authority. It's why Presidents through the years have made tough decisions and had positive impacts on this world.

Reagan stared down the Soviets in the cold war. FDR and Harry Truman made the tough calls to wage war in Europe, debunking our isolation. George Bush made the tough call to invade Iraq to defend Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Bill Clinton played a large part in bringing war crimes up against those in Kosovo for ethnic cleansing.

And, for that matter, our whitless leader may turn out to be a hero for his global stance on terror, even if I differ from him on his domestic agenda.

If you have a guts, anonymous, don't buy into propaganda and try to paint people's opinions as wishing failure on this country.

You are the reason why this country is divided. Instead of defending this administration's policies with LOGIC, you try to cast people as traitors for disagreeing.

So, tell me for once why this president is above any criticism whatsoever.

11:29 PM

Anonymous Chris said...

Sorry Terry...

So, what do your sources tell you about Maurice Evans?

Let's get off this. I really can't deal with this subject being anti-politcal party.

I haven't heard anyone give a scouting report on Evans. What's his game, and how will it help?

11:54 PM

Anonymous Chris said...

And, I apologize to any of you I offended. I'm just tired of politcal parties taking priority over helping people.

I do criticize this administration, but not out of spite. I just want a President to wake up one morning and forget his political party affiliation and think of EVERY MAN, not just his party constituents.

I am affiliated with neither party. Although, I find myself leaning toward conservative views more times than not.

Let's just make sure we find some cash to send and make sure we pray (or wish the best for, if you're not religious) those people who are coping with this disaster.

We're divided enough...

11:59 PM

Blogger T Foster said...

A libel suite?
Are you kidding me? To me Bush is like a dictator. Or the people who support him act like he should be one. I have criticized past presidents and no one ever said anything about a libel suit. But people make so many threats when you talk about Bush. Is this guy a God or something?
Maybe am being liberal. I dont know. I just know this guy has put us in terrible situations. And people think he is great.

2:24 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

You are wrong. There are not many people trying to shoot. There are a few. But that is who the media concentrates on. And I dont blame them. That is news. Most people want to leave and most are law abiding. They are just angry. And guess what? I would have been also.

2:25 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Please tell me Haliberton is not involved in the clean up. Now that is a huge surprise.
I do wonder how this would be handled if most of the victims were a little bit richer and a little bit whiter. I just did not see the urgency in helping these people until recently. I heard the terrible story of a guy who talked to his mother for four days. She was stuck in an attic. She died after four days. Come on.

2:30 AM

Blogger T Foster said...

Please dont come in here and say we dont have the right to criticize the government. I thought that was what this country was all about. You have the right to criticize me and I can do the same to you. So who is Bush?
It is so obvious that this guy is a clown and is being propped by smart people. But folks cannot see through it. He is leading us to ruin.

2:40 AM

Blogger J said...

yeah, T, it is true... haliburton is overseeing the "cleanup," i.e., getting george and his buddies PAID. look it up. it ran as a BRIEF in the houston chronicle and other places because we don't pay attention. i implore everyone to look and research who has benefitted from our last two tragedies -- 9/11 and katrina. there, you will find those who "fell asleep" at the wheel. the u.s. wants iraq because we want to pimp it for oil and build popeye's there. i betcha if the hood had an oil refinery, we wouldn't have to worry about this. dubya doesn't give a f**k that this inadvertently has created an oil crisis because HIS BOYS run the oil companies. follow the trail of money people. follow the campaign contributors. and there, you have the people who profit from death.

like i said, i was on the fence about bush. i have ideals that are line with conservatism, so i'm not just some "liberal" shooting off at the mouth. our gov't has failed us. there is no way, in the greatest country in the world, that people should be dying in the streets. that is absolutely unacceptable.

you can defend this coward/low-life/insincere prick if you want to, but he'd kill your family and mine too if he thought he'd profit.

and for the person who said they'd, er, screw made me blush. :)

3:05 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blaming solves nothing. Absolutely nothing.

People place way too much blame on the President. Whether it's Bush or Clinton. They don't affect nearly as much as people claim.

First off. Cheney no longer has a financial interest in Halliburton.

Secondly. What other companies can provide help and respond faster?
Sure the Government can solicit for bids to find the lowest capable bidder, but that would delay the help.

Instead of complaining about Halliburton or blaming Bush. Why don't you help?

12:04 PM

Blogger J said...

i'm helping and blaming.

i've already donated to three different organizations, and will do something to help the evacuees that have come to my area. i'm going to gather clothes and supplies to take to them.

even if chaney is no longer with halliburton, it's funny how they keep getting these monster hook-ups from the bush administration. cheney definitely was with them when they got the contract in iraq, so that's enough. clearly, they are not worried about impropriety because they continue to be generous to this company.

the president is never the sole person to blame, but it is his ship. he certainly reaps all the credit with things go correctly. it comes with the job.

2:04 PM

Blogger RogerJab said...

Wrong absolutely wrong! Thousands are dead right now because George "I haven't got a brain" Bush withheld the National Guard to play chicken with the Gov. of Louisiana. I'm not going to debate an anonymous punk who only gets his news from Fox broadcasting, but if you did any research at all on the subject you would be aware of this.

As far as Cheney breaking all ties with Haliburton, take that crack pipe and break it, you mean it's just a coincidence that Hal. keeps winning these no bid contracts. As far as the Levee's are concerned, they failed because the Bush administration cut the funds on keeping them secure on every budget signed, that's why the Levee's failed end of story. One more thing Bush doesn't hate black people, unless you're rich, Bush hates everyone. It's just a shame so many stupid people idolize the fool.

2:54 PM

Blogger J said...

and here's a link to those who want to blow off the halliburton connection...

this contract is $500 million. nice work if you can get it.

3:26 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terry et al...

DO you think in the middle of this nightmare we can take some time to praise some folks.. most notably the New Orleans Police force. These guys have had without question the hardest gig around- they are working in awful conditions also keeping in mind they too lost their houses etc...
The stress on them is nothing short of insane, but many plug on. Hey if we all went out and sported our NYPD and FDNY gear after 9/11 some love needs to be shown to these folks who are sticking it out everyday in the worst conditions around.


5:20 PM

Anonymous Chris said...


Don't forget American Red Cross volunteers. These people have travelled from all over the country and helping for free.

They are far better human beings than I could ever hope to be.

11:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately in the minds of some, anything GW does is okay because otherwise they have to harbor guilt for supporting him. He bamboozled the American public into thinking that Sadaam was a threat, had weapons of mass destruction, and one of his right hands said he even knew where they were. Regardless of how horrible some in Iraq were treated under Sadaam he was never a threat to us. He lived in palaces, Bin Ladin lived in caves. There was NEVER a connection

Bush critics could not complain if all of our military efforts went into Afgainistan. However the National Guard, reservists and military personnel in Iraq, along with their helicopters, etc., would have helped us last week in this country.

Bush is not bright, displays no compassion, and is a very, very poor leader. The issues that he campaigned on: a gay person's right to marry, abortion, stem cell research were not about leadership. Bungling a war, mismangaing an economy, spending a record number of days on 'vacation', and now allowing three times the number of people killed on 911 to die will be the story of his reign.

1:14 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come nobody is blaming the local government? Why is the mayor now demanding people evacuate? He should have done this BEFORE the storm. The governor should have ordered all of the local busses loaded up with people while the roads were still passable. Wasen't it the local government that told everyone to go to the Superdome and didn't provide the resources to care for them. Ceartnly the federal government should have responded quicker, but I don't understand how the president is to blame for the complete breakdown in readiness at the local level for something that has been predicted to happen for a long time now.

9:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever hear the saying "The Buck Stops at the Top"? I think Harry Truman said that, and Bush in his campaign said that over and over again. In this case it couldn't be more appropriate, seems the admin had no problem in going over the states head in the Shiavo case, but in this case they stood by when real people were dying. Bush does what ever he wants until he can use it as an excuse. Did the local govt make mistakes? I'm sure they did, but in this case "The Buck Stops at the Top" own up to it Bush!

7:46 AM

Blogger RogerJab said...

Son of A Bush, he's killing us.

7:47 AM

Anonymous Chris said...

He did give the call to evacuate days before Katrina. There's a difference between calling and ORDERING an evacuation.

If you ORDER an evacuation, you need troops to do that. So, now that there's troops down there, he can do that.

Many of these people have to be physically removed. You know?

1:24 PM

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